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Zen for Kids

Zen for Kids

A calm, inviting space for children to play
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At Zen for Kids we create calm inviting spaces for children to play, a fantastical world away from the hustle and bustle. We aim to provide a high end child minding service with integrative child health practices to support family wellbeing.

At Zen for Kids we aim to support families by providing time for self care, for family wellbeing and education for parents. 

We believe that environment and behaviour are interconnected. A calm, inviting, magical nature based space, encourages children to explore their imagination and develop neural pathways to help with growth and development. 

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday | 8am – 5pm

Sunday | 11am – 5pm

What We Offer

  • High end childminding
  • Birthday parties
  • Community events
  • Parents and baby bonding classes. 

The Space

At Zen for Kids our focus is on earthy tones, spaces to hide, explore, learn, play and connect. A little bit of peace
from the hustle & bustle, giving children the opportunity to share, create and become grounded within themselves. 

Our Team

We are passionate believers in natural play for children. 

We have a wealth of knowledge in early childhood and education and development, breathwork, energy work and nutrition that we want to share.  

Zen for Kids in partnership with Synkro aim to create a safe, fun, and inclusive environment for children to grow and express their personality through gentle movement and creation.

Coming in May 2022.