Success Coach & Mindfulness Training

Bassem Tadros

Success Coach & Mindfulness Training

Bassem is a communication specialist.

Within his professional lifeworld, Bassem is a success coach, and a recognised leader in corporate mindfulness training.

Through a strength based and strategic approach, Bassem engages in dialogue which brings about awareness and personal empowerment.

His established clinical practice provides personalized, short term resolutions and long term solutions.

With a background in corporate communications, Bassem is dedicated to authentic change management, loyalty marketing, and leading teams of professionals through times of uncertainty.

Below are the classes that Bass will be running at Synkro. 

Group Classes 

Soul Centred Hypnotic Initiation

Release overwhelm, uncertainty and doubt. Remember your life purpose. Reconnect to inner compass. Soul connection and life path. Release world drama, stress and distractions.

Love Activation

Breaking out of the patterns of previous relationships. Hold the frequency of better relationships and being attractive. Avoid mismatch. Release blocks to love and connection.

Building Resilience During Uncertain Times 

Resilience is vital not only for our mental health at work but at home as well. Create the right mindset, reconnect with who you truly are. 

Anger Release

Break through negativity patterns. Choose emotional control, focus on what you want. 

You can also book in for 1:1 sessions with Bass below. 

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