Gabby Grechko

Dynamic Pilates Studio

Meet Gabby

I was that little girl in the tutu. Yes – you know the one in the home videos? Well, that was me. I fell in love with dance and never looked back.

While studying for my Diploma of Dance, my passion for teaching emerged. When I got the chance to take over my Mum’s dance school in York, I jumped for joy and grabbed it with both hands.

A curve in the road
Dancing is tough on the body, but to make matters worse I was diagnosed with scoliosis*.
* (scoliosis can best be described as a sideways curvature of the spine – sucks, right?)
My Physiotherapist referred me to Pilates as a form of rehabilitation and the transformation was incredible. My body greatly benefited from the Pilates emphasis on stretching and strengthening.
Fast forward to today and that’s why I’m so inspired to bring Pilates to you. I want to share what helped me to recover and regain strength.
I love that in a single session of Pilates, the entire body is addressed so you feel completely worked out and balanced.
At Dynamic Pilates Studio you’ll enjoy our:
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Fully equipped studio
  • Safe and structured classes
  • We’re here to support you as you work towards your health goals, and we feel so privileged to be part of your Pilates journey.

At Dynamics Pilates studio you’ll discover classes for all levels, bodies, goals and abilities.

 Committed to help you get stronger and more flexible we offer classes to challenge your body and your mind. Dynamics Pilates is for you as a first timer, devoted enthusiast, pregnant mumma, new mum, and everything in between.

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