Jess Wilson


Hi I’m Jess, and this is me.

I believe the reason I was put on this planet is to inspire people to live a big, healthy, joyful life.

Ever since I was little, I’ve been great at two things: doing hard stuff, and inspiring others.

What I didn’t realise is that these two things would eventually become my destiny.

When my children were born I was faced with the hardest challenge of my life. They were sick – very sick – and at the hands of the medical system I found myself in a four year long fight for their health that would very nearly break them (and me).

In the darkest of hours, with a fire of determination burning in my belly and my ever present there’s-always-a-way attitude, I turned to the healing power of food to help us, and our world started to turn around.

I learned that the human body is capable of incredible things.

I learned that taking responsibility for your health was the most powerful choice you could ever make.

I learned that we are not invincible. That we do break. But that we can fix ourselves too.

I learned that leading with love and following your heart meant learning to love yourself, too.

And that on the other side of the struggle is a big, healthy, joyful life.

Now, I get to inspire others.

I’m on a mission to take my story global and to lift people up.

I’m a Functional Nutritionist, Gut Health and Hormone Practitioner and All-Round Wellness Coach. I’m also a busy mum, an ocean lover and a runner… who loves to live a vibrant life (usually flying by the seat of my pants.)

My job is to help you put yourself back together, to see you happy and healthy again.

And to teach you that this one big happy life we have is worth living, in the healthiest way.

Let’s work together.

I want to see you win. X