Don Vinciguerra


Don Vinciguerra is a Kinesiologist and Life Coach.

Don utilises Kinesiology as a form of therapy which uses muscle monitoring (the body’s direct feedback system) to detect and correct imbalances within the body that are directly related to stress, trauma, nutrition, disease and illness to achieve optimum health, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Along with Kinesiology, Don provides Life Coaching to keep his clients in check and motivated to improve their everyday life.

With over 25 year of owning and managing successful companies, coaching employees and liaising with clients has given Don first hand experience on human behaviour and how to navigate through life’s obstacles.

Today Don uses this life experience and the wisdom of Kinesiology to make dramatic changes and transformations in his clients life’s.

When Don is not working with his clients he is a running enthusiast, a loving husband and proud father of two young teenagers.

Don’s purpose is to transform the lives of individuals who are feeling trapped and can not seem to move forward. Whether you are a working professional struggling in your career or in need of a new direction, experiencing relationship issues, battling health crises or looking for financial freedom.

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