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Urban Awakening

Holistic Health

Urban Awakening is a team of dedicated Holistic Practitioners who engage a variety of holistic wellness therapies and modalities to assist those seeking improvements in their well-being, physical and mental health, relationships, career, finances, emotional stability, and freedom through the awakening of their authentic self.

We offer the following services:

  • Wellness Coaching
  • Breathwork
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Yoga/Pranayama/Meditation
  • Women’s and Men’s Circles
  • Massage & Energy Healing
  • Workshops
Neelam Taylor-Somers

I am Neelam, a Holistic Practitioner with 25 years in the wellness industry, I am here to make a difference to the wellbeing of my clients. Through body-based psychotherapy, I engage yoga movements, breathwork techniques, mindfulness meditation and Emotional Wellness Coaching to help you shift unhealthy patterns, regulate, and balance your Autonomic Nervous System, that will improve your quality of life, emotional and physical health, relationships and general wellbeing.

I began my journey into healing and wellness, as a young wife and mother of 4 little ones and working full time in our family business.

On the surface I had everything, living in the beautiful southwest town of Margaret River, a perfect family, home, and a successful business.

Underneath was another story, feeling stressed out and constant anxiety from unresolved trauma that lived in my subconscious mind and in my body that had been affecting me from an early age.

My nervous system was very out of balance, and I was experiencing anger, frustration, anxiety, PTSD, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue and a general sense that something was wrong, never feeling deep happiness or at peace within.

It was these unhealed childhood traumas that eventually contributed to the breakdown of my marriage, and it was these traumas that lead me down the path of healing, esoteric and wellness studies.

My professional studies in Yoga and Spirituality have taken me to many corners of world, from India, Egypt, Central America and Bali. I have an Advance Diploma in Holistic Counselling – Body based Psychotherapy and I am a Certified Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation Teacher. I have trained in many healing modalities, that I use in my work with clients.

I am here and so grateful to share these tools and teachings with you and support you on your own personal development and healing journey. To make a difference, to be a trusted guide and in service along the path to healing and wellness.

Ronan McKenna

Hi, I am Ronan, your Breathwork Facilitator from Breathe Spirit working with Urban Awakening Holistic Practitioners.

My journey with Breathwork started over 3 years ago during one of my biggest shifts and transformations. It has allowed me to look and to let go of traumas that no longer serve me. It gave me a chance to look at why things happened in the past, what was driving my behaviours and what I needed to do to allow the changes for a better life, a life of experiences to be enjoyed. Breathwork has been a catalyst for transcendence in my life.

I reconnected with a strong Irish Spirit, which helps me to assist clients find and claim their inner power.

I continue to learn every day, knowing that we are all teachers and students on a journey. I am so full of gratitude to be a conduit for this work and to witness the transformations with my clients.


This type of Breathwork will generate a relaxed non-ordinary state of consciousness that supports the expression and release of unsolved trauma, limiting beliefs and adapted behaviour patterns.

These issues can be the cause of current day dysfunction that is often associated with depression, stress and anxiety.

Breathwork provides a meaningful, non-verbal path to self-knowledge, inner wisdom and health that encourages greater physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance- wellness in life!

There are various schools of Conscious Connected Breathwork from Rebirthing to Holotropic Breathwork, and back to when the Druids of Ireland studied Breath in year 11 of a 19-year apprenticeship thousands of years ago!

This is a combination of Breathwork, Body work and Shamanic techniques to assist you on your healing journey. It is an honour to work with this medicine, my Celtic Heritage and Irish Spirit. The best way to really understand it, feel the power of it, is to book a session and experience it!

Carol King

I’m Carol an experienced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Counsellor & Trainer with passion and vision for helping others overcome childhood and personal issues, self-destructive patterns and blockages that often prevent the achievement of happy, loving relationships, successful careers and personal freedom and transformation.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, I began my career in business and hospitality. A move to Australia in 1992 prompted my change to corporate training and sales management.

Inspired to overcome my personal, medical and relationship issues, I began transforming my life through studying Counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Meditation, the keys to my freedom, success, and self-awareness.

At age 40, I experienced an aha moment that changed my life forever; the realisation that “you are not the voice of the mind – you are the one who hears it.”

Having struggled for decades trying to change and control people and situations, I learned how to change myself. I teach others that lasting freedom, transformation, and happiness come from making one important choice – “Do I want to be right, or do I want to be happy?”

Clients benefit from my gentle, unique approach, assisting them on their pathway to freedom and joy.
I integrated Healy into my Hypnotherapy practice to complement and enhance a safe, nurturing pathway and healing environment.

Hypnotherapy and Healy are my “power tools” of therapy which accelerate the body and mind’s capacity to change and self-heal.

My qualifications include Advanced Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy, Certificate IV Counselling,
Certificate IV Training & Assessment and Diploma in Business Management.

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