Do you sometimes lack the motivation to go to the gym or fear being judged by others?

Your mind needs a coherent body to work in synergy with your thoughts

Our brains learn with knowledge, but our bodies learn with experience.

You can have the best ideas, but if your body isn’t aligned with your mind then it will find excuses to stay in its comfort zone.

Until you break your habits, your body will continue to work with its subconscious conditioning. The best way to create new habits is through action and new activity.

At Synkro, we have redesigned wellbeing to make it simple and achievable

Our qualified health practitioners give you the tools you need to experience an integrative approach to wellbeing, guiding you to improved fitness, nutrition and sleep.

Whether it’s holistic health services, personal training or a unique timetable of gym classes, you’ll find what you need here at Synkro.
Our gym facility is fully equipped with custom built state-of-the-art gym equipment and fitness machines to make your fitness journey enjoyable.

Our wide range of fitness classes including boxing, mat Pilates, strength and conditioning, HIIT, dance classes, slow stretch and yoga, making exercise fun and give you the chance to build meaningful community with other like-minded people.

Train your body at Synkro
Toikz Health Cafe at Synkro

Health bar

We also have a health bar called Tonikz, catering to your post-workout needs with delicious smoothies packed with nutrients, beautiful coffee, and a range of healthy raw snacks to keep you energised.

One of our passions at Synkro is what we can do with our already nutritious drinks. With a wide range of supplements from medicinal mushroom extracts, bee pollen, honey and protein powders,  Tonikz can boost your drink depending on what benefit you are looking for.

At Synkro, we promote body positivity, focusing on how you feel rather than how you look. But here’s a hint – when you feel good, that feeling actually radiates out and you naturally look good too.

Mind, Body & Spirit

An integrative approach to wellbeing