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Experience an integrative approach to your wellbeing
Synkro MIssion

Our mission

At Synkro, we believe the key to good health is in nurturing our mind, body and spirit in a cohesive way.

We have redesigned wellbeing into a simpler, integrative journey so your one club membership gives you everything you need to look and feel your best and take control of your health and life.

Our mission at Synkro is to create a safe, fun and inclusive environment for our members and a collaborative space to help you achieve your passions and goals.

Synkro Gym

Why mind, body and spirit?

Think about it as new synapses wiring new neurones together, within your brain, to promote growth and development.

This is how Synkro works: we link systems, products and services together to help you develop new habits and resilient thought patterns for your growth and development.

We understand that overall health needs a holistic approach for the best chance of success, so we combine different segments of health, wellness and fitness.

To just work on mind or body or spirit without the others suggests they don’t co-exist, but they do. When working to build good habits for our mind, body and spirit in coherence, we achieve ‘flow’ which is how we can positively change our lives.

So embark on your integrative journey to wellbeing and health at Synkro, Perth’s only truly holistic health club in the heart of Karrinyup.

How to get healthy?

Our qualified practitioners bring expertise in a range of modalities to enable you to build your own holistic journey.

To work on your mind, we help to create positive thought patterns through neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), goal setting and visualisation.

Build strength in your body with our unique timetable of fitness classes including gentle mat pilates, high intensity boxing and fun dance-based barre classes.

And if you’re more obsessed with pilates than Gwyneth Paltrow, come to our reformer pilates classes with our premium reformer pilates equipment. And our premium pilates membership includes 2 free reformer pilates classes per week!

Or go at your body’s own pace in our well appointed gym with custom made state-of-the-art equipment and machines in a motivating environment.

Of course, good vibes run deeper than our minds and bodies. So we want to help nurture your spirit too, with meditation classes, sound healing sessions and even hypnotherapy on offer here at Synkro.

Come check out the gym, yoga classes and jJungle Body

Best wellness centre for success

We believe that strengthening the mind-body-spirit connection breeds positivity and success

Prioritise yourself by joining us at Synkro today and embark on your integrated approach to health, fitness and wellness.

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