Men’s Health Week

June 13th - 19th, 2022

Men's Health Week

13 – 19th June 2022

This week we put our Men, Boys, and those identifying as male as our focus. 

Men’s Health Week is aiming to increase awareness of preventable health problems in men of all ages. Each year men are encouraged to be proactive with their own health and wellbeing and are reminded to engage in healthier lifestyle choices. 

Showcasing our incredible practitioners and facilities we would love to encourage you or the men and young men in your life to come in and get spoilt on us. 

Not only have we curated a week of incredible events we have made them as accessible as possible and made them complementary. 

Synkro is the new premium Wellness Precinct in Karrinyup Shopping Centre and we are proud to support our community through our memberships and these powerful events to give health holistically to our members and customers. 

The format of the week

Mens health Week
Men's Health Week Timetable

What and how to book

We have a range of classes & workshops to book over the week. Bookings are essential to avoid disappointment. 

Monday 13th June

7:15 pm Men’s Stretch Class – Tom Hooper Book Now

Join our resident physiotherapist Tom as he explores common tight area’s in men for muscle pain and discomfort. In the session Tom will explore common tight muscles that contribute to tightness/pain in the low back, hip, hamstrings and knees. Tom will provide you with some easy stretching exercises that can be used everyday to increase your mobility and decrease your tight areas and pain.

Tuesday 14th June 

1:00 pm The Modern Man – Don Vinciguerra Book Now

The modern day man lives in a constant battle of going against life’s flow.
With the pressures of family, financial, work and the environment, It seems almost impossible for him to take a break.
Learn how to go with the flow and benefit those around you.

6:00pm – 9:00pm  Men’s Breathwork – Ronan McKenna Book Now

Based on ancient knowledge and current science, Breathwork uses a specific pattern of accelerated breathing called Conscious Connected Breathing to access blocked energy and emotions that are stored at a cellular level in our bodies. This type of Breathwork will generate a relaxed, non-ordinary state of consciousness that supports the expression and release of unresolved trauma, limiting beliefs and adapted behaviour patterns. These issues can be the cause of current day dysfunction that is often associated with depression, stress and anxiety.

Wednesday 15th June

7:15 pm The Modern Man – Don Don Vinciguerra Book Now

The modern day man lives in a constant battle of going against life’s flow.
With the pressures of family, financial, work and the environment, It seems almost impossible for him to take a break.
Learn how to go with the flow and benefit those around you.

Thursday 16th June

4:30 pm  Navigating Fear Boys and Men – Don Vinciguerra Book Now

Fear is around us and shows up in every and any way it can.
It constricts us and keeps us bound and acting small.

Discover what fear really is and how to use it to benefit us and improve our lives.

6:00pm Primal Man – Deb Macintyre Book Now

A one hour exploration into the history and mindset of Primal Man. The significance of rites of passage undertaken by our ancestors and the consequences on modern man’s identity. A journey of understanding as to ancestral responsibilities and patterns that can limit Primal Man from acknowledging and stepping into his true Primal Warrior Power.

7:00pm Nutrition for Men – Jess Wilson Book Now

Fuelling your body with the right foods is one of the most powerful tools you have for energy, strength and mental clarity. In this class, Jess Wilson our resident nutritionist will run through the essentials of how to get the most out of your body through specific male nutrition.

Friday 17th June

1:15 pm Anger Release – Bass Tadros Book Now

This session is for anyone wanting to break through negative behaviour and thought patterns to gain emotional control and better focus in your life.

6:15 pm  Being In The Now – Bass Tadros Book Now 

Get out of your head and stop worrying about what may or may not happen. Stress induced thinking of the past or future. The benefits of emotional balance. Time to be healthy and enjoy the gift of being present in the here and now.

Saturday 18th June

10:00 am Male Hormones: Desires, Urges & Alcohol – Dr. Simon Martin Book Now

What is Intimate Maturity?
1. After a male rat mates with a female mate, it exhibits what is called a refractory or satiation period. In this period, the male rat is not attracted to the female rat. However, if a novel stimulus (a new female rat) is introduced to the male within this refractory / satiation period, it becomes aroused. Similar research holds true for female rats.
Q: So, What does this hormonal phenomenon mean for fidelity and intimate-health in committed relationships? How can it be attenuated? And is there a difference between committed and non-committed intimacy practices?
2. Research shows how women display an unconscious attraction towards male dominance as a coping / survival mechanism. According to one study, ‘Love as a coping mechanism’ is best typified by a woman, or man, who believes: “If I love this person more, then they will not get angry or upset with me”. Research also shows how attachment disruption (e.g. developmental trauma) in early life can lead to unhealthy intimate behaviour in later life. For instance, a young boy who is abandoned by his mother may have a higher disposition to crossing intimate boundaries.
Q: How can you disentangle love from their love-as-a-coping-mechanism? Similarly, how can you disentangle attraction from attraction-as-a-danger-response? Both within yourself and with a partner / prospective-partner.

Summary: If either of the above aspects of male-intimacy are not understood properly – it can lead to negative experiences such as punctuated hurt, shame, self-directed aggression, and / or an unhealthy relationship to alcohol.


Events At Synkro – From our Partners:

Friday 17th June 

Men’s Talk SundownerBook Now

Saturday 18th  – 19th 

9:00am – 5:00 pm Joe Douglas – 2 Day Workshop Men’s Emotional Health   More info and booking link


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