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Primal Woman Blog by Deb Macintyre

She is earth mother, grandmother, tribal elder and matriarch.

Primal Woman is the connection to our ancestors and the ancient warrior woman that resides within. She gets the job done and takes no sh** while doing it.

Obstacles are opportunities

She can overcome obstacles

She is the ruler of her domain, is resilient, an overcomer of obstacles and hurdles that present through her journey. The Primal Woman looks at these obstacles as lessons, and an opportunity for change, and developing a greater understanding of self.

From beginning to end, at the moment of conception and through her growth in the womb, ancient customs, behaviours, rituals and memories are reforming as part of her DNA. These patterns are to be activated at a later time during her life’s journey.

Through the various levels of development from foetus, birth, child, puberty, adulthood she is garnering an insurmountable amount of wisdom and knowledge. Amassing life experiences and adding them to her storehouse of memories to be accessed at any time.

She’s vulnerable and courageous

Ask for help

The Primal Woman is vulnerable and fragile as she is strong and courageous. She must be mindful not to take on too many things, position herself as invincible. Nor consider it her ‘lot in life’ to toil away. She would be mistaken to believe that she is the only one that can get things done properly. It is this untrue belief which will lead to her downfall, to exhaustion, breakdown and crisis.

She is a Queen and Goddess – there is no one like her

She is a primal woman

She is the Queen and Goddess. There is no one like her. Only she, Primal Woman can carry, nurture, nourish and bear young. It is this belief that sees her comparing herself to other Primal Women and ancestral women. These stories and many more revisit itself as old as time, ‘I am not good enough’ ‘I should be able to do everything’ ‘Why am I so tired and exhausted all the time’ ‘Who am I?’

Primal Woman can fall into the trap of suppressing her emotions and not creating space for her healing journey. She can be too fixated on everybody else, she feels relies on her.

Her identity of who she is, is formulated from the approval of others, instead of being through awareness of self care and self love.

The dignified woman must realise it is not a show of weakness to ask for help, it is a strength to acknowledge ‘I can’t do it all by myself, I need someone to help me’.

Ask for help

Ask for help

Ask for help .. lean on your support to assist you in this journey.

Many of us cannot see the opportunity we have for relief, because we are blinded to what can be possible. This idea of control we feel we must have over every situation is not Primal Woman.

Think back to primal times with our ancestors and the ancients, Primal Woman was part of a community, a tribe. The women of the tribe would work together as a unit. They would bathe as a community of sisters. Wash and comb each other’s hair. Assist each other during the birthing process. Dance, sing, celebrate, feast, cry, support each other.

Primal Woman would become an integral part of the tribal elders once her change in life had occurred. She would be celebrated and acknowledged for her wisdom.

Primal Woman is a transformative evolutionary soul. She uses her voice and individuality to stand in her power, always speaking her truth. This is Primal Woman.

Shamanic Sound Healing: Mondays 10am at Synkro

Shamanic sound healing emanates from the origin of the universal consciousness, together with the spirituality of Mother Nature, the elements, planets, and other beings. All that we connect to spiritually and esoterically are birthed from the Divine. Every sacred frequency forms part of our social consciousness. We receive and interact with these sacred frequencies in every emotional state whether it be anger, despair, envy, love, joy, or happiness. These are the vibrations that surround us and are essential within our very being.

The vibrations that you feel, sense, hear; connect you to your spirit guides and ancestors. These sacred frequencies are a conduit for messages and journeys from the past. Connecting us to places, rituals, ceremonies that our ancestors embodied. They are a portal to a time well before; a time when giants, the ancients, our primal ancestors walked this earth. Join Shaman, Deb Macintyre in a one hour sound healing journey, as she guides you on a deep spiritual pilgrimage, calling on your spirit guides and ancestral spirits for guidance and healing.


Deb Macintyre

Deb Macintyre

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Primal Woman

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