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Meet the founder of Synkro

The Synkro difference

How we differ from other gyms

Are you tired of having the internal debate about how many memberships are too many? Do you want to go to the gym, a yoga studio, meditation group, boxing class, courses for improving your mindset, and everything in between?

We have redesigned wellbeing into a simpler, integrative journey so you only need one membership to access everything you need to look and feel your best and take control of your health.

We are a wellness centre in Perth giving you a health retreat every day of the week.

Mind, Body & Spirit

If you are looking for more than just a gym class, kickstart your health by looking after your mind, body and spirit collectively at Synkro.

Until now, if you wanted to do a range of wellness services and a variety of fitness classes, you’d need to go to a range of different locations and have a whole wallet of membership cards.

Not anymore.

Now you can do it all under one roof at Synkro, the wellness precinct at Karrinyup Shopping Centre.

We are a wellness precinct with a difference, offering unique classes such as yoga, meditation, breath work, mindfulness, strength, reformer Pilates, boxing, HIIT and more.

Synkro Mind Body Sprit

Meet our Founder

Channel 7 Interview

Andrew Ballantyne, CEO of Synkro

Why choose Synkro?

“There are so many of us that hold onto so much angst or worry about the future, when all we really want is a better life. Finding coping strategies or tools to aid in this can be quite overwhelming and it’s easy to do nothing.
To navigate it on our own once we have identified our needs, we hire products or services that all work external to each other and are often in different locations.

This means it becomes costly, time consuming or we end up working on part of the issue but not the whole problem.

Synkro has a holistic approach where the best results come from working on mind, body and spirit, giving us the best opportunity to break our cycle.
Our philosophy is all three are interconnected, so working on just one or two of them isn’t addressing the whole problem. Being able to offer this at one weekly membership fee makes life streamline and cost effective.”

Andrew Ballantyne, CEO of Synkro

Not just a membership

A membership at Synkro offers the opportunity to transform your life by identifying your purpose and goals while helping you stay centred and calm.

Our wellness precinct offers a range of fitness classes, a premium gym, mindset training, meditation, breathwork, yoga, Pilates, holistic health practitioners teaching classes, sound therapy and one-on-one sessions.

Synkro also has an in-house café called Tonikz, which nourishes our people with healthy drinks and raw post-workout treats; luxe private bathrooms, which are gender-neutral and accessible; and everything you need to run straight to work including secure lockers, hair dryers and irons.

Another thing you’re going to love is the exclusive benefit of our club creche with a difference. Our staff care for your kids while you have a little self-care in our wellness centre – and the best part is we’ll even let you sneak off after your session for some child-free shopping at Karrinyup Shopping Centre because we understand how much a little ‘me time’ boosts your mindset!

Join Synkro now, in the wellness precinct of the Karrinyup Shopping Centre and take your wellness journey to the next level.

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